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Panama solar pile system completed!


The main character of this case is the solar stake system located in Panama, which is located in the northwest isthmus of South America. This country is near the equator and has a tropical marine climate. It is humid in the day, cool at night, and the annual average temperature is 23-27C°. The whole year is divided into dry and rainy seasons, with annual average precipitation of 1500-2500 mm, and annual average illumination time of more than 12 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to select the most suitable angle to achieve the maximum power generation of the solar mounting system.


This project uses the solar mounting system of the pile. The pile needs to be patted on the soft soil with the engineering vehicle of the pile, which greatly strengthens the stability of the whole solar pile mounting system, and uses a lower angle to maximize the use of the solar panel.




Because of its stable characteristics, this solar mounting system is popular all over the world and is part of distributed solar.


Chiko has integrated customized services, from customized solutions to processing and production, and finally to packaging and shipment, which can solve your needs in solar mounting solutions in a one-stop manner. For more product details, please contact us!



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