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Steel or Aluminum material for solar mounting system, How to choose? See what CHIKO say for your re


Many new customers do not know too much about how to select material of Solar brackets, resulting in the unadaptability of the scheme and inefficiency, below I ......

New Year's new project! Xinyi 60MW agro-optical complementation has been accepted!


New Year's new project! A few days ago, we have done a solar mounting system project with agro-solar complementation. Agro-solar complementation: also known......

Will Agriculture-complementary Solar affect crop planting?


Agriculture-complementary Solar: it is one of the solar modes. Through solar solar power generation, it is combined with agricultural planting greenhouses and b......

New energy vehicles stimulate the increase of solar carport racking output


On July 5, 2022, the State Council department document Notice of the Ministry of Commerce and Other 17 Departments on Several Measures to Activate Automobile Ci......

Solar installed capacity will double in the next five years


According to the 2022 Renewable Energy Report, driven by the global energy crisis, the installed capacity of Solar brackets in various countries has significant......