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The impact of the new crown epidemic on the solar mounting system industry


the pace of development of the global photovoltaic industry is slowly slowing down. CHIKO Solar, as a world-renowned solar mounting system manufacturer, will discuss the impact of the epidemic on the photovoltaic industry today based on indu...

From design to installation: How to achieve rail-free for solar mounting system manufacturers


The solar mounting system has evolved from a huge system to a simple design with fewer parts. More and more projects are using trackless design, a concept that redefines how the industry views solar panel supports. No need for tedious and l...

Factors to be considered in the design of Solar mounting structure in Japan


CHIKO Japan Engineering Project: First of all, Japan has a large latitude span (25 to 45 ), but the country generally adopts a design where the installation angle of the solar mounting structure is less than 30 . First, due to the scarcity...

CHIKO Solar talk about the installation of solar mounting structure for ceramic tile roofing abroad


Clay tile roofs dominate the landscape of the southwestern United States. They look great, its a part of Spanish culture and can last for a century. However, it is not so easy for the the installors of solar mounting structure . In recent y...

CHIKO Solar Galvanized Aluminum Magnesium Solar Mounting system Reduces PV Cost


In recent years, CHIKO Solar has continued to develop and innovate, continuously providing users with efficient and flexible solutions to reduce the cost of electricity, and using galvanized aluminum-magnesium solar mounting system to replac...