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CHIKO Zn-Mg-AL solar mounting system 45MW project in china


With the increasingly serious domestic environmental problems, vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization, the research and development of new environmental protection materials has become the general trend. Recently, CH...

Indian solar manufacturing industry: the story of government measures defeated


Since 2016 began to increase production capacity, Indias solar manufacturing, including the manufacturing capabilities of solar mounting brackets , or the lack of such capabilities, is often worrying. Recently, a new report by IEEFA and JMK...

Chinese Companies Tracking Solar Mounting Bracket Market


Different from the market dominance in other links of the photovoltaic industry, Chinese companies are relatively weak in the subdivision of tracking solar mounting brackets . Among the top ten tracking solar panel brackets companies in the...

Problems in the installation of solar mounting brackets and their solutions


1. Components of solar mounting brackets Welding and assembling are the two main connection methods of solar stents. Welding has lower requirements for angle steel, lower price, better connection effect, stronger connection, and more common...

5 Key Factors In Optimizing Your Bifacial PV Power Plants


These factors explain why there will always be some differences in bifacial gain across sites.As an enterprise with more than ten years of experience in the design and manufacture of solar mounting systems, CHIKO Solar has something to say....