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Why are aluminum solar mounting system so popular?


Nowadays, aluminum alloy solar mounting system are becoming more and more popular, gradually replacing stainless steel and iron stents. So do you know why aluminum alloy solar panel brackets are so popular? As a world-renowned photovoltaic...

Solar Mounting System Selection Guide


What kind of solar bracket should I choose, and what aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a bracket? CHIKOSolar has focused on the RD and manufacturing of solar panel brackets for 10 years. Currently, it has exported to more th...

Solar mounting system – Economically and ecologically sensible


The solar mounting system is one of the many alternatives when it comes to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy especially for residential consumers. A solar system transforms light energy, or solar radiation, into electrical ene...

The Problems Existing in the Installation of Solar mounting systems and the Solutions


Connection method of Solar mounting system Welding and assembling are the two main connection methods of solar brackets. Welding has lower requirements for angle steel, lower price, better connection effect, stronger and more common applica...

Don't Touch When The Module Is Damaged. How To Deal With It ?


We often have a misconception that solar panels cannot work as long as they are damaged, and naturally they cannot generate any current. As a world-renowned solar mounting manufacturer , CHIKO Solar tells you with experimental data based on...