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Solar installed capacity will double in the next five years


According to the 2022 Renewable Energy Report, driven by the global energy crisis, the installed capacity of Solar brackets in various countries has significant......

Distributed solar becomes the "trend"


The indispensable driving force to achieve carbon neutrality is the solar bracket system, and distributed solar is gradually promoted as a "trend" in ......

How to treat the recycled solar mounting?


When building a new solar mounting station, we are most concerned about its life and whether it can bring efficiency during its life. Generally, the life of sol......

G20-Chiko helps energy transformation


The 17th G20 Summit has ended in Bali, Indonesia. As a major forum for international economic cooperation, the important topic of the G20 Summit is energy trans......

In response to the green new energy, the water surface solar mounting bracket becomes the first choi


Since the 3060 goal was put forward, the photovoltaic support enterprises have actively responded to the national call to promote the double-carbon progress, bu......