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New Year's new project! Xinyi 60MW agro-optical complementation has been accepted!


New Year's new project! A few days ago, we have done a solar mounting system project with agro-solar complementation. Agro-solar complementation: also known as solar agriculture, is a non-pollution and zero-emission feature of solar power generation, which is organically combined with high-tech greenhouses (including agricultural planting greenhouses and breeding greenhouses). The solar power generation device is laid on part or all of the sunny side of the greenhouses. It has both power generation capacity and can provide crops Edible fungi and animal husbandry provide suitable growth environment to create better economic and social benefits. There are mainly solar agricultural planting greenhouse, solar breeding greenhouse and other modes.


New Year's new project! Xinyi 60MW agro-optical complementation has been accepted!

New Year's new project! Xinyi 60MW agro-optical complementation has been accepted!

The project is located in Qiongshan Xinyi, Haikou, with a size of 60MW. After the design of Chiko's technical team, the foundation used in this system is the ground nail, which is deeply embedded in the soil and fixed, and the top and the bottom of the main leg are reinforced with bolts, and then the main beam is supported by the inclined beam, with C-shaped steel guide rail and medium lateral pressure, so the whole system is very firm and durable.


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