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Will Agriculture-complementary Solar affect crop planting?


Agriculture-complementary Solar: it is one of the solar modes. Through solar solar power generation, it is combined with agricultural planting greenhouses and breeding greenhouses, and solar mounting systems are laid on the sunny side of the greenhouses partially or completely. It can not only resist cold wind, rain and snow, but also provide suitable growth environment for crops, edible fungi and livestock breeding, creating better economic benefits.


Scientists from Sacred Heart University in Italy reached the following conclusion by studying the influence of soybeans planted under agricultural solar system under different shading depths: the influence of shading is not as significant as previously thought, and the influence is minimal. Moreover, this combination mode can not only meet the sustainable development of solar power generation bracket system, but also reduce the impact of wind and snow on crops.


In addition to Agriculture-complementary Solar, there are Fishery-Solar PV and Forest-Solar PV. Under appropriate conditions, choose the solar mode that is most suitable for you.


Will Agriculture-complementary Solar affect crop planting?

Will Agriculture-complementary Solar affect crop planting?

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