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CHIKO Solar designs and manufactures high quality solar mounting systems for pitched roof......learn more>>


Jiangsu Oilfield Ground Solar Mounting System Project - CHIKO Ground Solar Mounting System System


Project Name: Jiangsu Oilfield Ground Solar Mounting System Project Project Type: Ground Product system used: Ground Solar Mounting System The ground solar mounting structure is widely used in the construction of photovoltaic large-scale po... more>>

CHIKO assists Xinyihe County to promote distributed photovoltaic projects throughout the county


CHIKO Solar is a company engaged in the roof and ground solar mounting business. We have established offices and warehouses in many countries/regions including Australia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, the United States, the Netherlands, Pol... more>>

CHIKO Bracket Global Line | 9MW Distributed Modules Embedded in "CHIKO Blue" for Steel Giants


Project Name: ChinaMaanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.-Rooftop 9MW distributed grid-connected project Project address: Maanshan City, Anhui Province Roof type: metal roof Installed capacity: 9MW distributed Product system used: CHIKOSolar met... more>>

3.5MW grid-connected CHIKO flat roof mounting system - roof project in Nantong, Jiangsu


Project name: 3.5MW grid-connected roof solar bracket project of Jiangsu Nantong Nengda Wire Products Co., Ltd. Project address: Jinqian Road, Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone Roof type: flat roof Installed capacity: 3.5M... more>>

500KW Solar Mounting System Project in South Africa


Policey is an important driving force behind the rapid development of South Africa’s solar industry In February 2021 ,CHIKO solar successfully completed the installation of 500KW solar mounting system in South Africa. CHIKO solar T2VC sola... more>>