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1.1MW Ground Project in Japan-"Charm" of CHIKO Solar T2VC Ground Solar Mounting System


A few days ago, CHIKO Solars 1.1MW all aluminum ground solar mounting system project in Japan was officially connected to the grid and put into operation. The project is located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The project adopts the standard sc... more>>

China 3MW Carport Project-CHIKO Aluminum Carport Solar mounting system


China 3MW carport project-CHIKO aluminum carport Solar mounting system Installed capacity: 3MW Installed capacity: Changshu, China, China Installation type: carport Products used: CHIKO four-post carport Solar mounting system Product advant... more>>

China 10 MW Metal Roof Project-CHIKO Standing Seam Solar Mounts


Geely Automobile Group is a leading automobile manufacturer in China. In April 2019, Geely Automobile officially signed a contract with the organizing committee of the 19th Asian Games and became the official car service partner of Hangzhou... more>>

Have You Seen Such A Metal Roof Solar Mounting System Installation method?


there are also drilling types that pursue the most stable installation effect and use accessories to connect with roof purlins. In our impression, the common metal roof solar mounting system installation method may be like this:... more>>

Japan 2MW Ground Solar Mounting System Project-CHIKO T2VC Series


Japan 2MW Ground Solar Mounting System Project-CHIKO T2VC Series Installed capacity: 2MW Installation location: Gunma, Japan Installation type: ground Products used: CK-T2VC series CHIKO Aluminum T2VC Ground solarmounting System is designed... more>>