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500KW Solar Mounting System Project in South Africa


Policey is an important driving force behind the rapid development of South Africa’s solar industry In February 2021 ,CHIKO solar successfully completed the installation of 500KW solar mounting system in South Africa. CHIKO solar T2VC sola... more>>

50MW Mountain Solar Mounting System-CHIKO Solar Powers Guizhou Provice Photovoltaic Market


The data shows that the light resource of Guizhou Provice is 20% lower than that of similar mountainous areas in China and 40% lower than that of the northern region. It is one of the provinces with the worst light resources in the country.... more>>

China 4MW Photovoltaic Project-CHIKO Solar Mounting Bracket


Project Name: Jiaxing Lingang Two Innovation Center Project 4MW solar mountingsystem Project Address: Haiyan Economic Development Zone, Haiyan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province Installed capacity: 4MW Roof type: industrial park roof A... more>>

China 3MW-CHIKO Solar BIPV Waterproof solar mounting system Project


The combination of photovoltaics and buildings, BIPV is actually a distributed photovoltaic technology that can replace roofs. Using this technology to replace the roofs of traditional industrial plants can not only bring power generation i... more>>

South Korea 100KW Gyeongsan Yatliang-eup Rooftop Solar Mounting Project


Recently, the 100KW solar mounting system project in Gyeongsan, South Korea has been gradually completed. According to Li, the manager of CHIKO Solar Korea Market. Although this project is only a small part of the installed capacity in the K... more>>