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"Ground mounting system boosts solar power plants in Nicaragua and injects new impetus into sustainable development"


Shanghai Chiko's solar power plant project in Nicaragua was implemented, using T2VC's ground bracket system, which contributed to the country's clean energy development. solar power plants are located in the beautiful rural areas of Nicaragua, with the goal of providing reliable and efficient clean energy, providing a stable power supply to local residents.


"Ground mounting system boosts solar power plants in Nicaragua and injects new impetus into sustainable development"

T2VC ground bracket system is an innovative technology independently developed by Shanghai Chiko, which adopts advanced design concepts and processes to improve the construction efficiency and power generation performance of solar power plants. Compared with the traditional bracket system, the T2VC system has better stability, reliability and adaptability, which greatly improves the operating efficiency and performance of solar power plants.


As a developing country, Nicaragua faces problems such as unstable energy supply and environmental pollution. However, solar power plant projects are changing this situation. The installation and commissioning of the ground support system was carefully planned and organized to ensure the smooth progress of the entire project. The stability and reliability of the system ensure the long-term operation and power generation efficiency of the power station. At the same time, by using low-key publicity in the project, Shanghai Chiko showed Nicaragua the sense of responsibility and maturity of Chinese enterprises. Respect the local culture, fully understand and comply with Nicaraguan laws and regulations, hire local workers in the project, and provide relevant technical training. This not only boosted the local economy, but also helped to improve the living conditions of the local population.


"Ground mounting system boosts solar power plants in Nicaragua and injects new impetus into sustainable development"

The solar power plant project in Nicaragua is another successful attempt by Shanghai Chiko in the international market. By adopting the T2VC ground support system, they have created a sustainable and clean energy solution for the local area, while also establishing a good image of local technological advantages. This not only enhances the competitiveness of Shanghai Chiko in the solar industry, but also makes positive contributions to promoting economic cooperation between China and Nepal.


The project has injected new vitality into Nicaragua's clean energy development, and has also established a good image for Chinese enterprises on the international stage. Shanghai Chiko will continue to be committed to promoting the innovation and development of clean energy technology and contributing to the sustainable development of the world.



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