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The Battle Is Beginning, The PK Duel Of The Sales Department


On September 28, the swearing ceremony for the newcomers of the Marketing Department of CHIKOwas held in the large conference room. Member of Marketing Department, Commercial Documentary Department. Nearly 20 people in charge of each sales...

Who is the winner ? CHIKO Solar Sales Simulation PK Competition In September, 2020


On the morning of September 28, CHIKO Solars September sales department simulation PK competition was held in the companys multifunctional hall. In the hosts passionate opening remarks, 10 outstanding players from the sales department and h...

The Most Beautiful Time In Autumn, CHIKO is with you! The Warm September Employee Birthday Party


Life needs a sense of ritual, and every special day is worth commemorating! CHIKO Solar prepares a special day, just to tell the friends that during the time of work hard, there is always someone caring about you. At 13:00 on September 19,...

CHIKO's Latest Design Flat Roof Solar Mounting System Ballast IV Series


Innovation is the vitality of an enterprise, and only continuous innovation can conform to the development of the times. As a world-renowned solar mounting system manufacturer , CHIKO Solar has always paid attention to and insisted on the r...

Fun weekend, the staff of CHIKO Solar “Join Together” and “Dumpling Banquet”


In view of the fact that the new coronavirus has been effectively controlled, in order to alleviate the pressure of everyones work and life, and at the same time, in order to strengthen the communication between employees, the company held...