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A thousand words of gratitude


Since its establishment in 2010, Shanghai Chiko has reached orders with countries all over the world for more than 30GW of installations. Thank you for your mou......

How do commercial flat roofs utilize solar mounting systems?


In some large commercial buildings, the roofs are usually open and flat, and also the places with the longest sunshine time. How can we use the flat roofs to bu......

CHIKO SOLAR:From production to installation


Since 2010, Chiko has produced more than 30GW of solar racking system, served customers in more than 100 countries, held exhibitions in the United States, Thail......

2022 US SPI CHIKO show was successfully completed


Fast forward to the end of October 2022, the global COVID-19 (new crown pneumonia) epidemic situation is still very tense, and it is a long-term challenge for g......

Trapezoidal Metal Roof Adjustable Clamp - #384 Clamp


Firstly, trapezoidal roof are commen all over the world, but there are many different size of trapezoidal roofs.首先我们了解下梯形彩钢瓦,它的形状固定的是梯形,但是宽度高度都有所不同。If we develo......