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"Exploring the Multiple Faces and Applications of Solar Racks in Extreme Environments"


Solar racks have different applications in various environments. In mountainous areas, due to the differences in terrain, the installation of solar modules and ......

Excellence in Quality, Worry-free Service


When it comes to solar power generation, solar brackets are considered as crucial components. Among numerous suppliers of photovoltaic brackets, Shanghai Chiko ......

Innovation-driven, green-led


With the increasing emphasis on renewable energy worldwide, solar power generation, as a green and clean energy source, has gradually entered people's lives......

"Diverse options to meet needs"


The solar bracket is a key component of the solar power generation system, which plays the role of supporting and fixing the solar panels. With the rapid develo......

Innovative design empowers clean energy


Solar brackets are a key component in a solar power generation system and have many advantages. Shanghai Chiko has rich experience and technical advantages in t......