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Hitting the scene丨Flexible PV Ground Mount Installation


We are familiar with the ground support system, which is generally composed of purlin, supporting columns, foundation and accessories. We will replace them according to different project requirements.


Next, we will introduce a novel ground support system -- flexible pv ground mount system. It takes the pile as the foundation, and does not use a lot of heavy purlins, but chooses to replace the purlins with a firm cable, so that the whole ground system looks very light, and then the whole system is fastened with a rod. The system is now connected to the grid and provides power to the plant day after day.


2022 柔性支架项目现场-06.jpg

Using cables instead of the purlin allows panels to dissipate heat better, operate efficiently and cost effectively. The system is suitable for open ground areas, often built near suburban factories.


CHIKO Solar a variety of efficient and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you! Welcome to consult!

晨科太阳能各种高效灵活的光伏支架解决方案在这里等你! 欢迎咨询!

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