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Solar bracket carport under the night scene


With the global warming effect, more and more countries use photovoltaic solar energy as the first choice. So in the case of limited land, how to achieve a balance between energy and utility? The first choice is the solar mounting carport system. But many people are worried about the solar bracket carport system. Below I will answer the frequently asked questions.


Is the solar mounting carport system waterproof?


Yes. For the photovoltaic support carport system, Chico has added waterproof strips/water guide rails in the design, so that the cars under the carport are not afraid to get wet in the event of a heavy rainstorm.


Is the solar bracket carport system easy to rust?


Chiko's solar support carport systems are all anti-corrosion and rust-proof, with a warranty of more than 10 years.


Can the solar mounting carport system be built on the flat roof?


The relevant case of Chiko tells you that our carport can be built on the roof. Cement piers are usually used as the base, which will not damage the building and can be firmly fixed.


If you have the need to build a large solar structure carport system, welcome to ask us. Let's enjoy the latest issue of the solar support carport under the night scene.


Solar bracket carport under the night scene

Solar bracket carport under the night scene

Solar bracket carport under the night scene

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