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1MW Metal Roof Solar Mounting System In Suzhou, Jiangsu


Project Name: Jiangsu Suzhou Iron Roof Project
Project size: 1MW
System used: Tin House Solar Mounting System
1MW Metal Roof Solar Mounting System In Suzhou, Jiangsu
The main types of color steel tiles are angled, vertical seam, trapezoid, etc. There are waterproof design fixture installation methods that do not damage the original building, and there are drilling types that pursue the most stable installation effect and use accessories to connect with roof purlins.
1MW Metal Roof Solar Mounting System In Suzhou, Jiangsu
1MW Metal Roof Solar Mounting System In Suzhou, Jiangsu 

We all know that roof trusses, purlins and roof solar mounting structure are important components of color steel roofing. The installation method of the color steel plate has a direct and important relationship with the load-bearing of the roof truss, purlins and roof panels. The number and size of various connectors and fasteners can be obtained through static calculation analysis and design construction.
So, are such solar mounting brackets really safe?
CHIKO Solar has been focusing on manufacturing and designing solar mounting systems for more than 10 years. CHIKO products have been installed and used in more than 60 countries and regions, with a total installed capacity of more than 8GW.
In terms of material selection, Chiko adheres to the principle of the highest quality. The bracket adopts high-quality main material, high-grade anodized aluminum AL6500-T5, and the surface adopts anodized 12-15MIC. Its excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance ensures its 30-year service life; The lightweight characteristics of aluminum reduce the roof load, making it safe and reliable. The maximum wind speed can carry 60m/s, and the snow load capacity can reach 1.4KN/㎡.
Finally, all support solutions of Chiko Solar are the result of checking and calculation according to the on-site working conditions. Chiko's advanced technical team analyzes the structural form of the building, combines the arrangement of the photovoltaic matrix and the verification of photovoltaic modules, gives various feasible support arrangements, and determines the most efficient, convenient, safe and reliable solution. .
Chiko Solar's various efficient and flexible solar mounting solutions are waiting for you here! Welcome to consult!
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