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CHIKO Solar talk about the installation of solar mounting structure for ceramic tile roofing abroad


Clay tile roofs dominate the landscape of the southwestern United States. They look great, it's a part of Spanish culture and can last for a century. However, it is not so easy for the the installors of solar mounting structure. In recent years, installing solar energy on clay tile roofs is more expensive and more risky than other types of roofs (such as composite tiles or metal). This is because the ceramic tile is relatively expensive and fragile. Removing the rooftop photovoltaic bracket to install the solar panel may open the roof's sealing strip, which is prone to water leakage. If you have a clay tile roof, how can you avoid similar problems when installing photovoltaic power plants? In this article, we will introduce the best installation methods and equipment for clay tile roofs, and highlight some considerations that should be considered when using solar energy to upgrade tile roof houses with solar installers.
CHIKO Solar talk about the installation of solar solar mounting structure for ceramic tile roofing abroad
The cost of installing solar mounting structure on clay bricks will be higher
       The tile is very crisp. Whenever someone needs to climb one of these roofs to complete some work, it is likely that a few tiles will break. Replacing suitable tiles to replace broken tiles is not always a quick process, and the purchase cost of some tiles can be high. For these reasons, most solar installers are more careful when working on clay tile roofs. However, this means that they will be slower, and this means that you will have to spend more time on manual work.
When installing solar cells, please try to avoid cutting the tiles on the clay tile roof
CHIKO Solar talk about the installation of solar solar mounting structure for ceramic tile roofing abroad
Some solar installers like to use a technique called "comp-out" to more easily install solar energy on clay tile roofs. This technology includes removing all clay bricks under the area where the solar panels will be installed, installing composite tiles in the area, and then installing traditional solar roof mounting racks, rails and panels at that location. The solar installer will then continue to operate and place similarly shaped tiles between the rows of panels in the array to make everything look neat and tidy. In addition, some installers can install solar mounting structure on your tile roof by removing individual tiles and cutting or drilling small holes in them. In this way, they can pierce through the solar bracket and directly bolt it to the wooden board under the tile.
Taking these routes may cause some problems, because there will be some gaps between the previous tiles and the current solar panels. Even if your new banded tiles protect the roof (if the windshield is installed in the area), water will still flow away from them and sneak under the tiles under the roof. In addition, the small holes in the roof tiles are not ideal for leakage.
As we all know, the water under the roofing material is a bad situation. If you live in a location that is often below freezing, it will get worse, because the trapped water will turn into ice and flow back again, which will affect your structure. Cause serious damage. For these reasons, we recommend that you do not recommend these two installation methods for clay tile roofs.
What is the best way to install solar energy on a clay tile roof?
CHIKO Solar talk about the installation of solar solar mounting structure for ceramic tile roofing abroad
The robust solar installation procedure will only temporarily remove a few tiles where special hooks need to be installed in the roof joists. Then, they will install the bottom plate to your roof membrane and attach a special hook to it. Next, it is best to install a rain shield above the hooks, preferably with tar, to ensure that no water enters the new drilling area used to fasten the bottom plate and hooks (see above). Then attach the rail to each hook and install your solar panel to them. If the floor and hooks need to be installed in an area where there are no accessible roof joists, the installer will need to cut down some wood and install it in the appropriate area in the attic.
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