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Tips for you reference---- Qickly estimate the efficient installation area of solar mounting system!


The combination of solar bracket system and building is one of the most important features in solar applications, and solar buildings have promoted the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality", and the application of clean energy buildings represented by solar has ushered in a period of rapid development opportunities. So, in the flat roof building, how do we plan the installation area of our solar bracket system to achieve the optimal scheme, below I will introduce to you - the installation area of the flat roof building solar bracket system.


The application of solar mounting systems in flat roofs mostly appears in large-scale commercial, cultural, hospital and other types of buildings, and when installing solar flat roof mounting systems, it will be affected by the following.


(1) Construction equipment: Some buildings will have water tanks, generators, etc. on the roof, there will be footprint, surrounding safety examples, equipment system shadow occlusion three aspects of the impact, at least away from these at least 2 meters or more.


(2) Elevator machine room and roof stairs: These buildings on the roof are generally about 4m, and their shadows will cause losses to the installation area of the flat roof solar system, generally about 4m.


(3) Parapet wall: Due to the maintenance needs of the solar bracket system, the general parapet wall is considered according to 1.5m.


(4) PV system maintenance channel: When installing the flat roof solar bracket system, it is necessary to leave the PV bracket system array blank to facilitate the passage of maintenance personnel, and the general width is about 1.2m.


Considering the above conditions, when installing a solar mounting system on a flat roof, it can be considered according to 70% of the roof area.


Tips for you reference---- Qickly estimate the efficient installation area of solar mounting system!


Chiko's technical team has created high-quality flat roof bracket solutions for more than 100+ projects, with rich project experience, if you want to customize your flat roof solar mounting system solutions in more detail, please contact us!


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