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Determination factor of wind resistance of PV support--Waiting for you to reveal the secret!


According to theory, the maximum wind resistance of solar bracket is 216km/h, and the maximum wind resistance of solar tracking bracket system is 150km/h (greater than Chapaca typhoon: 13). In order to withstand the impact of typhoons, it is necessary to choose the right solar bracket solution. First of all, we must find the site of the solar power station, reasonably calculate the wind pressure and snow pressure, and strengthen the strength of the foundation and support.


The counterweight of household solar bracket system is generally cement foundation, cement foundation to fully consider the load of the building, while to meet the requirements of wind load and snow load resistance, under normal circumstances, will be designed according to the local wind pressure once in decades, the weight of the cement foundation and concrete strength have strict requirements.


Determination factor of wind resistance of PV support--Waiting for you to reveal the secret!

No matter what kind of windy scene, there are high requirements for the quality of solar brackets and solar mounting solutions, and Shanghai Chiko has been established for 12 years, with a cumulative installation capacity of more than 30GW, gathering high-precision talents and well-equipped key laboratories in the country, design verification standards cover most countries in the world, and have obtained more than 40 domestic patents, focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of solar roof fixed brackets, solar ground mount, solar manual adjustment mount, BIPV systems, flexible brackets, solar carports, Solar TPO roofs and solar tracking systems.

不管是何种大风场景,都对光伏支架的品质以及光伏支架解决方案有很高的要求,而上海晨科成立已有12年,累计安装量超30GW,齐聚全国的高精尖人才以及配置齐全的重点实验室,设计验算标准涵盖全球大部分国家,取得40多项国内专利,专注于太阳能固定支架,手动可调,BIPV系统, 柔性支架, 光伏车棚, TPO屋顶以及跟踪系统的研发、设计、制造和销售。


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