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Attentions of waterproof on solar mounting installation, what you know?


At present, the national and local governments have issued policies to encourage the development of new energy. In the solar field, residential and industrial solar mounting systems have emerged in more and more places, and become one of the most popular solar mounting system solutions.


Now let's discuss the problem of roof waterproofing in distributed solar


The principle of roof waterproof treatment is generally to achieve the purpose of drainage through the guide channel, that is, to ensure that the node treatment can smoothly let the water flow out and ensure that the roof does not leak when the storm water is accumulated. For the case that the original roof must be damaged by drilling, it is necessary to adjust measures to local conditions and make different treatment according to different conditions. Let's analyze it in detail.


Waterproofing of concrete flat roof solar mounting system混凝土平屋面光伏支架系统

Attentions of waterproof on solar mounting installation, what you know?

For newly built buildings, bolts are usually embedded and roof waterproofing is done according to the conventional practice when designing buildings. For the buildings that have been built, when setting the solar module base, the waterproof layer should be laid on the upper part of the base and the metal embedded parts, and the sealing treatment should be done around the anchor bolts. The waterproof layer should be filled with waterproof sealant. In addition, an additional waterproof layer can be added under the base, so that even if there is leakage at the top of the base, the rain will not reach the structural layer.


Chemical anchor bolt solar mounting system waterproof化学锚固螺栓光伏支架系统防

For existing buildings with concrete flat roof, if chemical anchor bolts are used to fix the mounting, the thickness of the protective layer or the surface layer used shall be confirmed first. For the prefabricated floor roof with large bearing capacity per unit area, a certain thickness of concrete layer can be cast in place on the roof, and the mounting can be fixed with chemical anchor bolts after curing.


For the sloping roof covered with tiles, confirm the drilling depth. After fixing the chemical anchor bolt, the position where the bolt passes through the tiles shall be well treated with waterproof sealant. The chemical anchor bolt has the advantages of large bearing capacity, fatigue resistance and aging resistance, and has no expansion force on the base and no extrusion stress. Therefore, it will not cause adverse impact on roof waterproofing.


Waterproofing of metal roof solar mounting system金属屋面光伏支架系统防水

Attentions of waterproof on solar mounting installation, what you know?

For the metal roof, the steel structure of the solar system needs to penetrate the original waterproof layer and profiled steel plate and be fixed on the main steel structure of the building; Then, steam insulation, thermal insulation and waterproof treatment shall be carried out with reference to the waterproof method of metal roof. The key points of construction are rust removal, sealing, and waterproof coating on the base and periphery.


Local leakage points of metal roof shall be sealed with high-quality neutral weatherproof sealant; The color steel plate with serious local corrosion needs to be replaced before installing the PV module.


Therefore, the installation design of solar mounting system should not only consider sunlight and shadow, but also pay attention to the details of load bearing, drainage and waterproof. Chiko has solved the problem of solar mounting system for users in more than 100 countries around the world, and has been to snow, mountains, lakes and farmland. If you don't know how to choose a suitable solar mounting solution, please contact us!



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