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The cold wave hits, how to escort the photovoltaic power station in the severe snowy weather?


Affected by La Niña, many countries around the world have recently issued a cold wave warning, and some areas of our country even have a huge snowstorm, which will not only have a huge impact on people's lives, but also a huge test for the safety of photovoltaic power plants. Snow covering the solar panels will not only affect the power generation efficiency of the power station, but severe snow will even cause the photovoltaic power station to collapse.
So, how to deal with heavy snow weather and ensure the safety of photovoltaic power plants?
Pre-construction: It is important to choose reliable solar mounting structure
As the skeleton of the power station, the photovoltaic bracket carries the main body of the power station. Only healthy bones can guarantee the long-term operation of photovoltaic power plants. In recent years, the collapse of photovoltaic power stations caused by snow accumulation is not uncommon. A large part of the reason is due to the design defects of the bracket or the use of inferior materials that do not meet the standards.
The wind and snow in various regions are very different, and it is necessary to design a plan that meets the wind and snow load according to the on-site environment, which tests the case accumulation and plan design ability of solar mounting system manufacturers.
 The cold wave hits, how to escort the photovoltaic power station in the severe snowy weather?
In addition, the quality of solar bracket is also an important part of the stable operation of the power station. Only high-strength raw materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and quality products that have been repeatedly tested can ensure the safety and stability of the power station.
Chenke is a professional solar photovoltaic bracket manufacturer integrating production and research and development. It has a group of young and energetic design and sales teams. The company is developing vigorously. According to actual construction requirements, the engineer team is constantly changing and improving, and proposing the most practical and cost-effective solution .
In addition, through repeated optimization, we provide customers with a reasonable layout plan, and pre-assemble the product to a high degree before shipment, and the installation efficiency is 10%-30%, which brings convenience to the construction and ensures that the construction is completed in an efficient and high-quality manner. .
 The cold wave hits, how to escort the photovoltaic power station in the severe snowy weather?
Only solar mounting brackets with excellent wind and snow resistance and a reasonable arrangement plan can guarantee the long-term benefits of the power station!
Post-maintenance: Intelligent operation and maintenance is more efficient
The safe and stable operation of photovoltaic power plants requires regular inspection and cleaning. For ground power stations or distributed photovoltaic projects that use fixed supports, if snow has already been generated, a professional team needs to be cleaned up in time. Of course, if the solar panel bracket is designed reasonably in the early stage of construction, professional installation can save a lot of costs for operation and maintenance.
If you want to further increase the power generation and improve the efficiency of later operation and maintenance, it is recommended to use a more intelligent solution when all conditions permit.
 The cold wave hits, how to escort the photovoltaic power station in the severe snowy weather?
solar tracking system is widely used in the construction of large-scale photovoltaic power stations. The foundation is arranged in a single or two-plate vertical arrangement, and each array can be installed with 78 modules; the foundation is in the form of concrete cast-in-place piles or driven piles; the structural material is generally Q235B , Q355B or magnesium-aluminum-zinc plate; tell us your project requirements, Chenke solar technical team will provide you with professional technical solutions and reports, and at the same time design the best cost-effective solution according to the project situation.
Climate issues have brought frequent extreme weather. Experts predict that the impact of La Niña will last until February next year. This means that the probability of similar extreme cold weather is greatly increased.
The use of clean energy is the root cause of the climate problem, and the long-term and efficient use of clean energy requires the support of high-quality solar mounting solutions.
Rich case accumulation and high-quality quality control system are the unique advantages of Guorui Energy. As a reliable solar panel bracket manufacturer, we will use scientific design and professional services to escort your photovoltaic power station!

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