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Solar Mounting System Selection Guide


What kind of solar bracket should I choose, and what aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a bracket?
 Solar Mounting System Selection Guide
CHIKO Solar has focused on the R&D and manufacturing of solar panel brackets for 10 years. Currently, it has exported to more than 60 countries with a total installed capacity of 15GW. As a world-renowned solar bracket manufacturer, CHIKO Solar uses years of practical experience in production to tell you the main points of bracket purchase and the guide to avoiding pits!
First of all, the thickness of a good solar mounting system steel structure should meet the standard requirements.
The basic thickness can be equal to or greater than 2.2mm, with strong corrosion resistance and wind resistance, and a 25-year service life. The cheap bracket may not even have a thickness of 2mm, and the corrosion resistance and wind resistance are naturally poor. Even if there is no sandstorm or typhoon in your place, it is usually calm and the waves are usually calm, but the photovoltaic system is in the sun all the year round, and the corrosion resistance is poor. If the support is corroded and it is not checked one day, it will not be worth the loss. Even if the component is not dropped, the corroded support will cause the inclination of the component to change, reduce the power generation of the system, and damage your income.
The second is the counterweight; a counterweight for a home photovoltaic system.

Cement briquettes are generally used. The size and weight of cement briquettes are determined by professional technicians based on site conditions and design drawings. However, cement briquetting will increase a part of the cost, causing some unreliable distributors and integrators to simply not adopt this method that has been repeatedly examined and demonstrated by professional and technical personnel in the industry. I directly fixed the solar bracket to the concrete roof with expansion bolts... I wonder if they have considered the waterproofing of the roof? I wonder if they have considered the expansion bolts as time goes by. Will it be corroded, rusted and loosened, which will eventually cause the entire system to fall? If it’s just a system fall, property damage is okay, what should I do if it hits a child? Even if it can’t hit the child, it’s not good to hit the flowers and plants ......Generally speaking, the price difference between a good solar panel bracket and a bad bracket is between 2-3 ma/watt. Please keep your eyes open and choose high-quality distributors and integrators!
CHIKO Solar adheres to the principle of highest quality. All the aluminum solar bracket products adopt AL6005 grade, processed in T5 state, and the surface adopts anodized 12-15MIC; all stainless steel materials are grade 304; steel adopts Q235 grade, and the surface treatment is hot-plated Zinc averages 80MIC. CHIKO controls the entire process from source to terminal, raw material quality control, process processing control technology, and terminal control assembly and packaging.
Preferably it is a cable.
Cables are inconspicuous, but they are most easily manipulated. The solar mounting system is subject to wind and rain all year round, so it is required to use UV-resistant and anti-aging photovoltaic DC cables for the DC part, so as to ensure the service life and corrosion resistance of the cables. However, the cost of this kind of cable is high, so unreliable distributors and integrators will choose ordinary cables to install, and some do not even use the threading tube, which will cause the outermost protective layer of the cable to be two or three. It was corroded in years. If the protective layer is damaged, the copper wire inside the cable will be exposed, which will cause leakage and even cause a fire!

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