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From design to installation: How to achieve rail-free for solar mounting system manufacturers


The solar mounting system has evolved from a huge system to a simple design with fewer parts. More and more projects are using trackless design, a concept that redefines how the industry views solar panel supports. No need for tedious and lengthy guide rails, which can shorten installation time and improve transportation logistics.

However, as with any new technology, the difficulty of trackless design hinders people's attempts. Knowing this, CHIKO Solar is committed to ensuring that the transition of installers from rail systems to railless systems is as seamless as possible.
CHIKO Solar Product Manager said: "The goal is to create a product that provides a smooth transition for residential contractors in the residential solar market from a track-based system to a trackless system." "The design of trackless systems should be intuitive to Ensure that the first-time installer will not encounter any setbacks, which is why we combined our new design with the E-lock series and trackless system.

So, how does a solar company design a new solar mounting system?
For any product development team, creating a trackless design is not an easy task. Time is the most critical part of the development process, especially in the rapidly growing solar market. In order to monitor their progress, CHIKO Solar adopted a phase gate approach to keep the team tracking and understanding the status of the project, and did not proceed to the next phase until management approved the current status.
However, considering the time required for global supply chain and product certification and testing, the time available during the design and innovation phases is limited. Keeping an open mind at the concept stage is important for product development when you exert a lot of creativity.
"The biggest challenge is to innovate without making the system too complicated." "The more time we spend studying the idea behind the concept and the way to improve it, the easier it is to eliminate complexity and turn it into a simple one. system."
In order to ensure that CHIKO Solar's trackless design can indeed develop into a "simple system", their development team worked closely with some major customers to ensure that market demand was met. The system can be installed with just one tool, allows adjustments in the vertical and north-south directions, and contains three or fewer components.
Mr Lee, president of CHIKO Solar, a solar mountiing structure manufacturer, believes that this product will become the next important product for solar installers.
"Over the years, we have carried out many optimizations on the system, but the market is eager to make greater progress," CHIKO Solar engineers said. "We have been working hard to improve our products in order to simplify installation at a lower cost."
With fewer system components, you can reduce the time on the roof and increase the overall installation rate. Mr Lee said that more houses can add solar energy in a day, which may have a ripple effect on the entire solar industry, because more and more companies and installers are adopting faster, simpler, and more energy-efficient designs.
The future of solar energy is shifting to next-generation racks to meet the demand for lower soft costs while integrating design innovation. Accelerating the installation process of solar panel brackets while reducing transportation costs is a huge step forward for the development of the photovoltaic industry.

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