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Ground screw

Ground screw

The CHIKO ground screw & anchor are designed and engineered for each customer’s site specific conditions to minimize the field installation labor and require no field welding, drilling, or other on-site fabrication.


• Install site: All types of Soil
• Pipe Material: Steel Q235B
• Pipe Diameters: 76mm~200mm
• Pipe Length: 500~2500mm
• Pipe Thickness: 3~3.5mm
• Anticorrosive: High class hot dip galvanized
• Warranty: Ten years warranty
• Duration:More than 20 years

1, Ground screw typeⅠwith flangeⅠ

2, Ground screw typeⅠwith flangeⅡ

3, Ground screw type Ⅱ with flangeⅠ

4, Ground screw type Ⅱ with flange Ⅱ

5, Adjustable ground screw TypeⅠ without flange

6, Adjustable ground screw Type Ⅱ without flange

7, Adjustable ground screw flange Ⅰ

8, Adjustable ground screw flange Ⅰ

9,Anchor foundation

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