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Earthing series

Earthing series

Chiko earthing series include grounding clip,earth lug,bonding jumper.It is used as ground conductor to connect solar modules to rail,create an electrical path to ground,ensure the generating capacity of solar panel.


Item Picture Function Description
CK-GTC-R3A CHIKO Grounding Clip (Open 8.5mm)
CK-GTC-R3B CHIKO Grounding Clip (Closed 8.5mm)
CK-GTC-R3C CHIKO Grounding Clip (Open 12mm)
CK-GTC-R3D CHIKO Grounding Clip with gear (Closed 8.5mm)
CK-GTC-R3E CHIKO Grounding Clip For Adjustable Mid Clamp (Open 8.5mm)
CK-GTC-R3F CHIKO Grounding Clip Closed 8.5mm For grounding lug
CK-GTC-R1 CHIKO Bonding Jumper
CK-GTC-R1B CHIKO Bonding Jumper In Rail Splice Kit
CK-GTC-R2 CHIKO Grounding Mounting
CK-FSC-ECP01-205 CHIKO Bonding Jumper Between Panel

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