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The vision blueprint of the US Department of Energy: The installed capacity of solar mounting system will reach 1600GW in 2035 and 3000GW in 2050


On September 8, the US Department of Energy released a research report on solar energy. The research report outlines how solar energy can help decarbonize the US grid and help achieve the government's goal of net zero emissions from the power sector by 2035. This is undoubtedly an opportunity and a challenge for solar mounting structure manufacturers such as CHIKO Solar.
 The vision blueprint of the US Department of Energy: The installed capacity of solar mounting system will reach 1600GW in 2035 and 3000GW in 2050
Research shows that by 2035, solar energy has the potential to supply 40% of the electricity in the United States, providing nearly 1.5 million jobs, and will not cause electricity bills to rise. The report calls for a substantial increase in the installed capacity of solar brackets. According to the vision blueprint of the US Department of Energy, the country’s photovoltaic power generation needs to rise from 76GW in 2020 (about 3% of the national power supply) to 1600GW in 2035, and reach it in 2050. 3000GW.
Last month, the Ministry of the Interior announced that it would start a process to ensure easier access to vast federal land for solar and wind energy, and to address the greedy demand for land in the renewable energy industry.
According to the research company Rystad Energy, the US's goal of achieving decarbonization in the power sector by 2035 requires that the solar mounting system industry alone requires a larger area than the Netherlands. More than 700 companies sent a letter to Congress seeking long-term extension of tax incentives for solar investment, which will "alleviate project financing challenges."
Last month, the latest report released by Ember, an independent think tank concerned with climate issues, stated that the EU's solar supply in June and July reached a record high, accounting for 10% of the region's total power generation. Judging from the 2020 report, China's wind and solar supply last year accounted for 9.8% of total electricity consumption. China is the only G20 country with a significant increase in coal power generation in 2020.

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