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What is BIPV? What are the advantages of BIPV?


With the rapid development of photovoltaic power generation, the application of BIPV has attracted more and more attention from the world, so people think of a roof that can receive the sun to the greatest extent. Important departments in some countries have also begun to notice the huge benefits contained in the roof plan, and have successively proposed different development plans in different countries. The social and economic benefits of the roof plan have also begun to be recognized by consumers, and they are willing to install solar power systems on their roofs. This is for international Solar mounting system manufacturers like CHIKO Solar. It is undoubtedly a huge development opportunity.
What is BIPV? What are the advantages of BIPV?
Different countries have different conditions, different periods of photovoltaic development, and different development foundations. The difficulties encountered are even more diverse and the situation is complex. But the photovoltaic roof plan is still welcomed, and the future development of the roof plan requires everyone's participation and efforts. At present, countries around the world have adopted many encouraging measures to the solar energy industry and implemented various long-term government plans, such as the UK’s Million "Green House" building plan, the US’s "Million Solar Roof Project", and Europe’s Ten Thousand Roof Project, Japan’s "Sunshine Roof Project" and so on. Various countries have formulated some policies and regulations to varying degrees, and established target plans at various stages.
Just as the world's solar energy is developing rapidly and becoming a global competitive industry, the development of my country's domestic solar energy and photovoltaic stent industry also brings us hope. What is exciting is that the conditions are ripe for my country's solar energy to enter the large-scale practical stage. First of all, it is manifested in the gradual formation of a consensus on the use of solar energy and increased government support. With the signing of the Kyoto Protocol and the promulgation of relevant laws and regulations such as the Renewable Energy Law, it has provided policy guarantees for the development of solar energy in my country; Technical problems have been solved well, including CVT\PWM maximum power tracking control technology, grid-connected inverter technology, system real-time data acquisition and data transmission technology, etc., so that my country has a certain scale of design and construction. The ability of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system;
Furthermore, the application prospect of my country's solar roof plan is very broad. The intensity of sunlight in most areas of my country meets the basic requirements of photovoltaic power generation, and there are many solar-rich areas. These have established the prerequisites for the development of solar energy in my country. If a solar power generation system is installed on the roof, the arrangement of the Solar mounting system can receive light energy to the greatest extent. Undoubtedly, it will bring huge benefits to users and has the following outstanding advantages:
(1) It can enhance the aesthetics of the building. Use "roof tiles" to replace part of the original roof
(2) Once the photovoltaic power generation system is completed, it will greatly reduce the energy consumption of the building. According to estimates, in the standard
(3) The photovoltaic roof has little environmental pollution and can reduce a lot of CO2. According to expert predictions, solar tiles can not only further reduce construction costs, but also achieve the effect of waterproofing and shading. It is integrated with the building and has a unique and beautiful appearance. On the other hand, it can also bring certain tourism value. Under sunshine conditions (1000 watts/square meter), with solar power generation system installed, 130-180 watts of electricity can be obtained from 1 square meter roof. In this way, the building can use the electricity generated by the battery components for lighting, and after the electricity is surplus, it can also pull the electricity to the Internet for a little profit. The cumulative use of batteries reaches 600MW, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 590,000 tons annually. According to statistics from the Ministry of Electric Power, about 350 grams of coal is needed for every kilowatt of electricity produced. As we all know, coal is the main source of greenhouse gases, and solar photovoltaic power generation can reduce coal combustion.

In fact, in addition to the above advantages, the solar roof plan also has certain economic feasibility. Although it is roughly estimated that the construction of a photovoltaic roof will cost an average of 150,000 yuan, its development situation is very optimistic. According to forecasts, it is possible that the cost of solar cells will be reduced from the current US$3-4/wP to US$!/WP in 2020, and a large 500MW factory will be built by then. At the same time, experts predict that a set of solar mounting system can last as long as 20-25 years, and basically does not need maintenance during use, so its investment basically only needs to consider the initial investment cost. According to some solar energy companies’ estimates, the payback period for a solar power generation system is only 12.5 years. Of course, this includes government subsidies (mainly through feed-in tariff subsidies. my country’s feed-in tariff is 1.15 yuan/W. The subsidy can reach 7.5 to 9 yuan/W. The cost of obtaining subsidies for demonstration projects is lower). Calculated in this way, for a home user, it can net a profit of about 12.5 years, which will be a relatively considerable and attractive figure.

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