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A Look at Chiko Solar’s Innovative Rail-Free Solar mounting system


CHIKO rail free solar mount is designed for trapezoid and corrugated sheet metal roofing enabling you to install without railing....

Test of Chiko solar pv bracket when typhoon coming


Chiko solar photovoltaic bracket absolutely have effect to resist the strong typhoon, heavy rain and snow, earthquake and other environmental threats,solar pv b......

Chiko Solar Live Report on 5th Int'l Photovoltaic Power Generation System Expo


On the first morning of the expo, many attendees and purchasing agents visit the booth of Chiko Solar on the exhibition site are attracted by the well-designed ......

CHIKO Will Attend Amercian Solar Power International(SPI) Expo 2017


Welcome all circles friends to visit our expo stand on Amercian Solar Power International 2017 and congratulate beforehand Amercian Solar Power International 20......

Chiko Solar roof mount and rail-free racking system


Four new solar roof mount and rail-free racking systems products of Chiko Solar.CK-FTH-026 is a rail-free racking solution for trapezoid and corrugated sheet me......