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CHIKO balcony solar bracket: subverting tradition and opening up the future


In this era of pursuing innovation and convenience, CHIKO Solar has brought you a revolutionary balcony solar bracket with its outstanding technology and unremitting efforts. This bracket is not only beautiful and elegant, but also fully functional, which can meet your installation needs in various places such as balconies, courtyards, and walls.


CHIKO balcony solar bracket: subverting tradition and opening up the future

Easy installation, time-saving and labor-saving


The CHIKO balcony solar bracket adopts a unique structural design, making the installation process extremely simple. Even if you don't have any professional knowledge and tools, you can easily complete the installation. At the same time, we also provide detailed installation guidelines and online customer service support to ensure that you receive timely assistance.


Adapting to multiple scenarios, dedicated to you


This solar bracket is not only suitable for balconies, but can also be installed on courtyards, walls, and even provide stable support for your solar equipment during outdoor camping. Its flexible and versatile installation methods can meet your various needs in different scenarios.


CHIKO balcony solar bracket: subverting tradition and opening up the future

Global market, dedicated service


The CHIKO balcony solar bracket has won widespread recognition in the global market due to its exquisite craftsmanship and excellent performance. We have a comprehensive after-sales service system, providing you with the most professional services in terms of installation, transportation, and packaging. We believe that this bracket will become your right-hand man in life.


CHIKO team, dedicated to research and development


The CHIKO team has diligently developed balcony solar brackets, taking customer convenience as the starting point and considering all aspects to make the product easy and not simple.

晨科团队,用心研发阳台太阳能支架,以客户的便利为出发点,考虑到方方面面, 让产品简约不简单。

 CHIKO balcony solar bracket: subverting tradition and opening up the future

Let's welcome the beautiful future of solar energy together! Buy now and you will embark on a new chapter in green energy for the balcony, enjoying endless sunshine benefits. Hurry up and take action!



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