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Middle East 1.5MW Project,Ballast Solar Mounting System Application In Ground


Speaking of the Middle East, people will have deserts, pyramids and seven-star sailing hotels in their minds. The good location and suitable land environment of the Middle East give this land high-quality photovoltaic resources. In recent y... more>>

China 700KW Project–CHIKO Waterproof Carport Solar Mounting System


The installation capacity of this carport solar mounting system project is 700KW. Which is located in Shanghai Electric Group in Minhang District, Shanghai. The project site is the companys 3 parking sheds, including the reconstruction of t... more>>

USA 10KW household solar mounting system project-CHIKO Solar Asphalt Roof System


The second 10 years of the 21st century is unforgettable for the global pv industry, and even more memorable for the American pv industry. Ten years of US pv, accompanied by ten years of pv trade protection, has not only become a stumbling... more>>

China Ulanhot 45MW Pv Poverty alleviation Project—CHIKO Steel Ground Solar Mounting System


China Ulanhot 45MW ProjectCHIKO Steel Ground Solar Mounting System SolarPoverty alleviation project, as one of the Top 10Precision Poverty Alleviation Projects identified by the State Councils Poverty Alleviation Office since 2015, has been... more>>

Japan 500kw Solar Station - CHIKO Ground Solar Mounting System


Japan 500kw Solar Station - CHIKO Ground Solar Mounting System Data: Construction ends in February 2019 Location: Kyushu Island, Japan Capacity: 500KW Product: Ground T2VC + U2V system Installation angle: 20 degrees Height: 50cm The Japanes... more>>